11 Tricks to cure sunburn!!

Tricks To Cure Sunburn Fast

1. Fill a canister with a mixture of apple cider vinegar and water to relieve pain instantly.

Vinegar has properties that kill germs, soothe inflammation, pain and itching.

2. Apply cold yogurt for 10 minutes to help your probiotics heal your skin faster.

3. To calm the itch you can take an oatmeal bath.
Put some oatmeal in the blender and then put it in the tub with warm water and relax.

4. Put a thin layer of pure honey on the affected area and cover with a gauze.

5. Milk fats and protein create a protective coating on your skin.
So you can take a bath in milk or use a cream based milk if you prefer.

6. Put the aloe vera gel in the refrigerator so that when you use it you have a sensation of relief instantly and you are going to prevent your skin from falling out.

7. Take the above trick to another level.
Freeze the aloe vera gel in ice compartments, when ready, wrap in a towel and apply on the burn.

8. If the pain is very strong, soak a rag in black tea and apply over the area.
It will help calm the burning.

9. Grind an aspirin and add some water to create an anti-inflammatory mixture.

10. Take plenty of water and during the first 48 hours of your burn take the recommended dose of ibuprofen to relieve pain and inflammation.

11. To relieve that uncomfortable feeling after long hours in the sun take a relaxing bath with warm water and some baking soda.


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