Eliminate abdominal fat easily

Removing abdominal fat is the only way to get a flat belly. The system to achieve this is quite simple, but implies a certain commitment on your part: on the one hand follow these simple tips that I offer and on the other incorporate some habits of healthy living. Not only will you get a nice body, but also a good physical and vital tone.

These tips for lowering abdominal fat are simple to do. To be effective you must incorporate them into your daily routine. This way you can get a flat belly and fat free in a short time.

If you reinforce with exercise, success is assured. Remember that a healthy body is always at odds with a sedentary life.

Tips to Eliminate Abdominal Fat

1. Just rise up and squeeze a lemon into a cup of warm water. Drink a glass of water with this lemon. Lemon is a great natural degreaser.

You should drink plenty of water throughout the day to keep you well hydrated. At least 2.5 liters. Water is the transport of metabolic waste, including grease. The more water you drink the easier it will be to remove the fat from the urine.

And the best is the satiating drinks. Infusions besides hydrating, serve to reduce the feeling of hunger.

They are also effective in eliminating fat through the urine.

You can take them throughout the day as many times as we want, there is no limit, just be careful with the sweetener you use.

All the infusions can sweeten them with a small spoonful of honey, and more if you have decided to exercise. Honey as well as having many properties and vitamins, helps prevent constipation and colds.

Satiating infusions that can be taken are:

Tisane: All kinds of teas. The green tea is antioxidant in addition and the red slimming-infusions of horsetail, glucomannan, etc. These infusions are, in addition to satiating, dieuréticas, so they help to eliminate the excesses committed.

To continue with saciantes drinks, you can also use the broths and the vegetable soups, of chicken and even of meat. The broths are very comforting, if you take them before meals are very satiating. If you take them as a starter, too, but you should take them warm, and slowly, giving them time to “settle” in the body and calm your appetite.

2. The ideal breakfast to burn fat: After the water with lemon I advise you to take a green tea at breakfast, and if not, throughout the morning. The green tea also helps to eliminate fat. It also serves to detoxify by its high diuretic power. You can accompany it with turkey and / or a slice of fresh cheese next to a slice of pineapple or kiwi.

3. To eliminate abdominal fat it is not advisable to drink juices: Except for natural pomegranate juice, you should not drink natural juices or sugary sodas. Natural juices carry fructose, a type of sugar that, can accumulate as fat if not consumed throughout the day. In its place it incorporates to eat or to dinner a green shake detoxifying.

4. An excellent menu is composed of protein and vegetables: Proteins satiate the appetite and use more energy in digestion, burning more calories. On the other hand, they stay in the stomach for longer, which makes you feel fuller and satiated.

The best protein foods are lean meat (no fat) such as chicken or turkey, fish, veal and eggs and legumes accompanied by vegetables. The food ration with protein should not be greater than the fist of your hand.

5. Coffee can take up to 3 a day.

6. If you want to eliminate abdominal fat you should say “No” to junk food.

This is critical, if you want to eliminate abdominal fat avoid junk food at all costs.

It is essential. Get the idea that junk food does not exist. It only contributes bad fat and does not feed. Junk food or junk food has so many calories and fats that you will need a lot of exercise to burn the calories you eat.

Instead you should eat good fats, the ones you get from nuts, olive oil, flax seed oil, blue fish.

7. Increase intake of fresh fruits and vegetables: They are rich in dietary fiber, essential vitamins and minerals, which allow you to burn more calories and not accumulate belly fat.

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